We're excited to have you join us for the Fall '15 Accelerator


The PreeLine Fashion Tech Accelerator is a fun way to learn more about the fashion tech world while remaining on campus. As part of the program you will have the opportunity to meet leaders in the fashion tech space via webex. This accelerator will teach you about fashion tech landscape today, brand building, brand awareness, UX, UI, merchandising, virtual reality, mobile solutions, iBeacons, and wearable tech.  The program is intended for individuals interested in the fashion tech space and who are motivated to learn, grow, and inspire. 



The Course Will Run for 8 Weeks


WEEK #1 - Introduction to the Fashion Tech Industry

  • What does “fashion tech” mean

WEEK #2 - Connecting with the digital consumer through understanding UI and UX

  • What is UI and UX and how is it applied to the building of a site/app

  • How can you test into UI and UX through beta test with target users

  • How to understand and translate feedback from beta tests in order to make changes that reflect what the user is looking for

WEEK #3 - Structure of fashion corporations and which departments are ushering in new technologies

  • How are retailers (i.e. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc.) and brands (DVF, Ralph Lauren, etc.) structured

  • Who are the key decisions makers within these corporations that are making the technical development decisions

WEEK #4 - The Internet of Things - how to create a connected shopper experience

  • How retailers are connecting their stores to make the user experience more seamless

  • The new digital dressing room

  • How to help consumers better discover the items they are looking for and where they can buy them

WEEK #5 - New Technologies - iBeacons, geolocated offers, virtual reality

  • What technologies are being successfully implemented that are improving the in-store shopping experience?

WEEK #6 - 3D Printing and what that means for textiles

  • 3D printed clothing and shoes, what is it allowing us to do that we couldn’t do before

  • Textile design and how it is being affected by 3D printing

  • Other fabric advances such as the use of silver in fabric for it’s anti-microbial properties

WEEK #7 - Mobile Apps/Website Build

  • What does it take to build out a mobile site?  A mobile app?

  • What are some considerations you should keep in mind when building a mobile app in the fashion industry

  • How to understand the landscape of development tools and which ones may work best for you

WEEK #8 - Wearables

  • Will wearables become fashionable?

  • What fashion players are experimenting in this space (i.e. DVF, Rebecca Minkoff)

  • Which wearables do you think will be successful and which ones are just a fun experiment?