The Internet of Things and Omnichannel 

How to create a connected shopper experience 

  • How retailers are connecting their stores to make the user experience more seamless
  • The new digital dressing room
  • How to help consumers better discover the items they are looking for and where they can buy them

Craig Fleishman

Senior VP CORPORATE development & general COUNSEL at rebecca minkoff 

Craig Fleishman is the Senior Vice President for Corporate Development & General Counsel of Rebecca Minkoff, one of the fastest-growing and most digitally innovative brands in fashion. Craig is responsible for strategy, partnerships, people and talent, and intellectual property and legal matters, regularly leading cross-functional teams to drive digital innovation and address business challenges across every department in the organization. 


Lucy Danziger 

CEO and Founder, 22hints

Launched 10 Point Ventures, a digital publishing company to launch and build digital content platforms that offer consumers unique customizable experiences online. First launch to beta is 22Hints, the everyday registry for any occasion. Please check out and let us know what you think.

Before this, Lucy was Editor in Chief at SELF Magazine building the website from fewer than a million unique visitors per month to more than 6.5 million unique visitors a month, with page views of over 45 million a month at our highest.


No Homework this week! We wanted to give everyone the chance to catch up on the past homework assignments.  : )