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Week Three

Overview of the structure of the fashion industry  

  • How are retailers (i.e. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc.) and brands (DVF, Ralph Lauren, etc.) structured?
  • Who are the key decisions makers within these corporations that are making the technical development decisions?
  • What does a development cycle look like within a fashion company? 
  • How brands connect with consumers through digital marketing 

webex scheduled for wednesday, october 21st, 4pm et

Michelle Gattenio is a Digital Marketer with a keen understanding of how social media can enhance a brands connection with their consumer.  Michelle worked as a digital marketer at Of a Kind and at Mara Hoffman.  During her college years, she interned Dazed and Boston Common Magazine. She originally hails from the Akron-Cleveland area and is passionate about all things Ohio. 

Karen Fechter is a fashion industry veteran who has spent her career building brands as a merchandising executive.  With an intimate understanding of the product creation and marketing processes and in-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape, Karen's expertise is working with designers and business units to align creative concepts and business needs based on brand strategies and aesthetic objectives. Karen has worked for industry leaders such as Coach, kate spade, and Diane Von Furstenberg.  She is now the co-founder and Chief Merchandising Officer of PreeLine, the trendsetting social platform that showcases future merchandise to test forward products and ignite trends far in advance of the selling cycle. 

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